What is Mobile Lifecycle Management?

Mobile Lifecycle Management is a complete, fully integrated solution for taking control of your mobile environment. It combines mobile expense management with mobile device, apps, and content management to secure and control the entire lifecycle of devices in the organization from procurement and provisioning to configuring security and taking control of expenses, usage, apps, and content.


mobile lifecycle management

How is Mobile Lifecycle Management different from MDM?

Mobile lifecycle management takes an end-to-end, full lifecycle approach to managing devices, apps, content, services, and associated expenses. Some MDM solutions address devices, content, and apps but the notion of managing communication services and associated recurring expenses is not integrated in those solutions. Bolt-on expense management solutions lack the power of a fully integrated lifecycle management solution which can yield substantial ROI. Mobile Lifecycle Management solution can secure mobile endpoints, protect the data and apps that run on them, and control communications expenses.


What can IT do with Mobile Lifecycle Management?

Mobile Lifecycle Management enables IT departments to take control of mobile communications expenses, secure mobile endpoints, protect data access and apps, procure, provision, and manage mobile assets and inventory, manage service plans and invoices, and allocate costs for charge backs. It can eliminate a substantial portion of an enterprise’s mobile expenses and simplify enterprise mobility management.

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Why should I care about Mobile Expense Management?

Simply put, mobile expense management can save you money every month. Mobile expense management handles not only the details of rate plan optimization for monthly service plans and invoice and usage audits that can save you money, but it can also help with the big picture of a company’s telecommunications strategy. You can identify weaknesses and excesses and optimize your infrastructure with powerful analytics provided. It also highlights the true costs of operating your network and facilitates a detailed discussion of ROI.

Mobile Lifecycle Management is a complete solution for managing mobile expenses, apps, and device security that can expand ROI.

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