Telecom Business Intelligence

Amtel’s solution includes an integrated module that can generate an extensive array of customizable reports configured to the enterprise’s exact needs.

Each part of the organization has different reporting requirements. The finance manager may need a different set of reports than an IT manager, but all that leads to enhanced operational efficiency.

Over 100+ Business Intelligence Reports


These “real world,” time-tested reports deliver multiple data sets that include:

  • Telecom and mobile usage trending
  • Carrier exception reporting
  • Mobile usage and charges details
  • Telecom sub-service charges breakup analysis
  • Mobile average cost per line trending
  • Top dialed numbers by employees
  • Mobile Policy Audit
  • Mobile average cost per line trending
  • Cost center allocations for telecom invoices
  • Invoice exception reports for mobile and landline
  • Contract compliance for mobile and landline

All reports can be downloaded into multiple formats. Reports have a built-in scheduler, which allows scheduling the delivery of reports automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our complete Telecom Expense Management Solution addresses and resolves critical issues IT professionals face as it minimizes expense and increases overall efficiency. Amtel’s solutions are supported by our industry-leading Human Support customer service team. Get started today!