Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobile Device Management

Secure and control corporate data on mobile devices. Confidently share content with BYOD workers and reduce risks of device or data loss.

Mobile App Management

Easily deliver enterprise mobile apps to employees with customized user interface. Lock down tablet with approved public apps, enabling security and productivity.

Telecom Expense Management

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enterprise mobility management
As Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) becomes an integral part of IT operations, the mobile operations costs are reckoned in the IT budget. To maximize return on investment (ROI), a business must simplify enterprise mobility management with a complete solution for securing mobile endpoints, protecting the data and apps that run on them, and controlling communications expenses.

A fully integrated solution can expand ROI by eliminating up to 40 percent of the enterprise’s mobile communications service expenses.  No other solutions provider integrates MDM, App Management, and Expense Management like Amtel by NetPlus Mobility in one easy to use, easy to implement, SaaS platorm.

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Secure Mobile Devices

The ability to secure and centrally manage mobile devices and usage is paramount in an EMM solution. By configuring security profiles and policies and pushing them over the air (OTA), Amtel easily provisions company owned devices, self-enroll BYOD devices, and allows for policy changes on the fly. Amtel lets you manage all the endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other access devices.

Protect Data Access & Apps

In order to protect corporate data and apps, it is necessary to control access and restrict use of enterprise apps by configuring and managing security policies and user profiles. Amtel gives you the ability to easily set up access rights and restrictions for corporate data and streamline and automate configuration settings for E-mail servers and Wi-Fi access based on user profiles and location.

With Amtel mobile apps management, it becomes easy to securely deploy enterprise apps by setting up an “enterprise app store”, implement “whitelist” policy for required or recommended apps and “blacklist” policy for blocking unwanted market apps.

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telecom expense management

Control Mobile Expenses

While studies show us that device costs are less than ten percent of enterprise mobility spend, the big elephant is the recurring charges for voice and data service plans.  Support and management costs are also significant components. A cost-effective EMM solution can help reduce overall mobile operations costs.  Amtel is the only solution that integrates mobile costs to help you reduce your mobile spend.

With a fully integrated mobile security, apps, and expense management solution, organizations can get an instant return on investment by setting threshold levels, gaining real-time visibility into usage information, and proactively taking action to eliminate overages and penalties. Customers can typically reduce up to 40% of their expenses.