eProcurement Portal

Amtel’s eProcurement module delivers a carrier agnostic hierarchical procurement portal. Its approval based controls seamlessly coordinates moves, adds, changes and disconnects of mobile and telecom services at an enterprise. This electronic workflow creates spend controls within an organization. Based on the workflow settings, when an order is placed, it can flow to the departmental head for approval before being sent to the vendor for fulfillment.



eProcurement covers:

  • Carrier agnostic procurement portal
  • Create bundles & plan profiles
  • Order new activations with the right rate plans
  • Workflow hierarchical approval process
  • Disconnect departing employees
  • Manage equipment returns
  • Track equipment contract dates
  • Report port-over from one carrier to another
  • Active Directory integration for automation
  • Trouble ticket & billing ticket reporting to the carriers


eProcurement is available for:

  • Mobile Services: Devices and Plans
  • Fixed Voice T1, PRIs, DID trunks
  • Data and Internet T1, T3, OCn
  • Long distance and local toll
  • Conferencing (audio, video, and Web)
  • Dial-up, Wi-Fi and more


Any change implemented in the eProcurement Manager automatically gets reflected in the Asset Manager, which gives a snapshot of all telecom procurement services and assets at a company. Companies get complete visibility and control from order initiation through installation to validation.
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