Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Safely deploy mobile devices in the enterprise for greater operating efficiency. Secure devices and protect access to enterprise data from corporate or BYOD devices with Amtel by NetPlus Mobility’s cloud based Mobile Device Management (MDM) Platform.

When you manage smartphones and tablets with Amtel by NetPlus Mobility’s field service MDM solution, you get protection, control, and efficiency. You can rapidly roll out mobile devices in your field organization with confidence, while lowering costs.

Are you worried about remote users downloading malicious apps? Increase in mobile communications charges? A mix of mobile devices that grows more complex by the month and hard to manage?

Amtel by NetPlus Mobility’s cloud based solution seamlessly integrates mobile device security, apps, content and expense management.

Deployed easily from a secure private cloud with SSAE 16 Type II compliance, Amtel by NetPlus Mobility’s Mobile Device Management solution is ideal for smartphone and tablet deployments in the enterprise.

  • Protects corporate data access on mobile devices
  • Secures BYOD for business use
  • Supports Apple iOS and OSX configurations
  • Samsung SAFE and KNOX compliance
  • Control over corporate Email access on mobile devices
  • Integrates with Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync EAS and Office 365
  • Geofencing and location based security
  • Lost device and GPS location tracking
  • Full or selective wipe and remote device reset
  • Real-time usage control with thresholds and alerts
  • International roaming alerts and call redirection
  • Emergency notification services

 Mobile Device Management Features



Mobile Device Security

mobile_1A key feature of any Mobile Device Management solution is mobile security.  Mobile security policies help protect sensitive information, minimize risks, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Secure BYOD with the ability to detect and quarantine compromised devices and block Jailbreak (iOS) or Rooted (Android) devices from corporate access.

Protect enterprise data with the capabilities to remotely lock and unlock lost or stolen devices and full or selective wipe of content. Set policy to restrict mobile device features such as camera or NFC at sensitive locations. By centralizing device configuration, Email server, Wi-Fi, VPN, LDAP and CalDAV settings are easily rolled out.



Mobile Apps Management

mobile_2Protect and secure enterprise apps and data with access control policies that take control over mobile apps with the ability to easily setup and manage both public and private apps.

Configure whitelist policies for recommended apps and blacklist policies to restrict or block risky or time wasting apps. Easily deploy enterprise app store for distribution of in-house private apps. For Apple devices, restrict native apps via configuration profiles and also manage VPP licenses on devices.


BYOD Security

mobile_3Allow flexibility for users while retaining the ability to secure corporate data on personal devices. Define user profiles with access rights and restrictions, deploy over the air and manage centrally.

Self enrollment option in quarantine mode helps secure on-boarding of BYOD users. Settings for enterprise access, including encryption and VPN can be centrally configured and pushed out. Protect corporate data using selective wipe of container in the event of lost device or user leaving the company. User or admin alerts and reports help manage BYOD with monitoring and audit trail.



mobile_4Containerize and protect corporate content by sharing only in secure containers. Automatically disable access and wipe container if a device is compromised, non-compliant or when user leaves the company.

IT Administrators can push content updates centrally to container as well as impose corporate access control restrictions based on time of day or location of mobile device. Keep corporate data safe and secure with strong 256-bit SSL encryption and remove content automatically upon exit from enterprise app.


Secure Enterprise Workspace

mobile_5Enforce workspace restrictions on both corporate owned and BYOD mobile devices with pre-defined configuration settings for access control, content sharing and mobile app usage.

With secure workspace for Android, administrators can control how users’ home screens look and operate, restrict what apps can be accessed by a user and automatically hide any of the installed widgets and apps. Browsing can be restricted to selected URLs to control Web surfing.



Unified Console

mobile_6Cloud based console provides visibility into corporate liable and BYOD devices across the organization, enabling rapid mass enrollment. Centrally manage user profiles and devices with anytime, anywhere access.

Simplify authentication and access control with Active Directory or LDAP integration and role-based administration of departments and groups. Administrators can become more productive with the unified console for mobile device security, apps, content and expense management.



Geofencing & Location Based Controls

mobile_7Automatically activate or deactivate device features and access to apps and corporate data, based on GPS location of enrolled mobile devices, relative to geofence boundaries.

Simplify mobility for users with automatic Wi-Fi and Email server access configuration, as device moves in and out of geofence boundaries. Policy can restrict access to sensitive corporate apps within geofenced work locations, block market app access in the area and also disable camera and other device settings to protect sensitive corporate information.



Mobility Management With Realtime Alerts

mobile_7Real-time alerts and notifications can be set up for admins and users for taking remedial actions. Administrators can view status of users and the fleet of devices on dashboards and drill down into details.

Administrative features include customized dashboards to view relevant information, ability to query devices and remotely push required device settings and actions such as remote lock and wipe and extensive reports that provide actionable information.



Cloud Based Mobility Management

mobile_app_1Amtel’s mobility management solution is deployed on a secure private cloud with reliable SSAE 16 Type II compliant hosting. Register and centrally configure corporate liable and BYOD devices. Authenticate users with Active Directory or secure system generated credentials. Self-enrollment is a breeze by pushing a link via email, SMS, URL or QR Code.

Amtel’s mobile security and apps management solutions address and resolve critical issues facing IT professionals and helps minimize corporate and personal liability and risks related to mobile device security, mobile app management, and BYOD security.

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