Contracts & Budgeting

Amtel’s solution includes an integrated contract management system to ensure cost effectiveness and reliability of telecommunication services. A contract management system helps enterprises to manage and ensure compliance with multiple carrier contracts. The system can automatically validate invoices against contracts. And it tracks monthly spend to correlate commitment levels.



Contract Manager tracks:

  • Carriers contract discounts
  • Effective date and expiration date
  • Term length and term renewal type
  • Commitment levels (monthly, annual)
  • Detailed charges
  • Calling plans
  • Disconnection penalty clauses
  • Contract documents


Budgets and Forecasting:

  • A flexible, intuitive tool to enable multiple budget modeling
  • Unlimited budgeting & forecasting scenarios representing multiple levels of your organization
  • Easy budget organization set up by telecom vendor and account number
  • Automated spend tracking, including monthly telecom spend by vendor, that compares each month to the default budget selected in Budget and Forecasting Manager
  • Business intelligence for telecom budgetary planning, with centralized data and automated collection of the data needed for telecom budgetary planning.
  • Activation Date

A robust budget and forecasting solution to enable financial and IT managers to build different scenarios of telecom spend and compare them with actual spend.

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