mobile app management

Mobile App Management

Take control over mobile apps in your enterprise for higher productivity with Amtel’s Mobile App Management. Easily distribute and manage both enterprise and public apps.

How do IT operations secure enterprise apps, enforce compliance for public apps usage, and protect corporate content and data accessed on corporate issued and BYOD mobile devices?

Amtel’s Mobile App Management for smart phones and tablets help enterprise customers take control over mobile apps with the ability to easily manage both public and private apps in their organizations.

  • Set up and manage enterprise app store
  • Push apps and updates over the air, remotely remove apps
  • Manage distribution of apps purchased via Apple’s Volume Purchase Program
  • Blacklist apps and block or restrict app usage
  • Whitelist and distribute recommended apps
  • Control app access based on device location and time windows
  • Protect app data by sharing in secure containers
  • Configure settings and restrict data access by apps
  • Compatible with Apple’s App Store and Google Play

Amtel’s customers take advantage of its integrated, full featured mobile apps management capabilities and achieve policy compliance, increased productivity and cost savings. With the ability to restrict which mobile apps can be run on the device and which apps will be blocked, corporate policy for mobile apps usage are easily implemented.


Mobile App Management Features


mobile_app_1Amtel’s Mobile App Management enables companies to create their in-house app store and push them to the corporate devices without having to put them on the marketplace.

  • Create enterprise app store for in-house private apps
  • Push and update enterprise apps over the air and manage versions
  • Prevent leakage of corporate data to individual accounts from enterprise apps
  • Safely remove enterprise app from BYOD devices when management app is disabled
  • Configure access conntrol in user profiles



mobile_app_2Take control over public mobile apps with blacklist and whitelist policies and flexible time and location based access restrictions, including which apps can be run within the boundaries.

  • Blacklisting apps along with remediation actions such as blocking unwanted apps or alerts to user and IT administrator
  • Whitelisting apps for tight control which can mean blocking all other apps
  • Limiting resources accessed by app to ensure privacy and enhance security
  • Time and location based controls on app usage with geofencing boundaries



mobile_app_3Manage mobile app delivery through the entire lifecycle from purchasing and remotely provisioning to the various tasks needed to manage them, including configuration, distribution, updates, version control and removal.

  • Provision public apps and enterprise apps
  • View installed public and enterprise apps on user devices
  • Alerts and reporting for app additions, changes, and removals on the devices



mobile_app_4Protect and secure enterprise apps and data with access control policies that detect and disable access from compromised or non-compliant devices.

  • Restrict native apps via configuration profiles
  • Configure whitelist policies for apps
  • Restrict or block blacklist apps
  • Enforce strong authentication for corporate access
  • Set usage policies and threshold levels for alerts



mobile_app_5To maximize cost savings on mobile apps purchased from Apple’s App Store, Volume Purchasing Plan (VPP) is supported in Amtel’s Mobile App Management.

  • Manage VPP licenses on devices
  • Pool end user demand for mobile apps and centrally manage distribution
  • Alerts and reporting for app additions, changes, and removals on the devices