What is Mobile Expense Management?

Mobile Expense Management (MEM) is a means of controlling your mobile communications expenses by managing mobile invoices, device and service plan inventory, procurement workflow, and BYOD stipend management.

Amtel Mobile Expense Management

Features of the solution include:

  • Control costs for mobile services
  • Procurement workflow with Carriers, including approvals
  • Employee mobile expense tracking
  • Role-based reporting
  • Audit mobile invoices
  • Allocation of charges
  • Carrier contract management
  • Mobile usage policy implementation
  • Budgeting and forecasting for mobile spend

What are the business benefits of using MEM Software?

Dealing with the myriad of issues that surround mobile devices and services is not a core competency of most businesses, and the time consuming management is not a high value-added activity. However, the ROI on an efficiently managed and properly planned mobile communications network is undeniable. With a mobile expense management solution, enterprises can get the most out of their mobile network, and save money in their mobile operations. Our solution helps organizations save up to 40% of their recurring mobility expenses.


How does Mobile Expense Management software work?

The starting point is to track the inventory of all mobile assets across the enterprise. An accurate inventory is essential for billing management, monitoring contract expiration, and elimination of unused mobile connections.

A key step first step for mobile expense management is to conduct detailed invoice audits comparing invoice data to inventory and contract data. This helps identify discrepancies and produce billing tickets which can then be logged with the carrier for reconciliation and recovery of inaccurate charges, realizing immediate ROI for the MEM project.

Manage all cellphone adds, moves, changes, and disconnects using a centralized portal. This electronic workflow creates spend controls within an organization. Based on the workflow settings, when an order is placed, it can flow to the departmental head for approval before being sent to the vendor for fulfillment.

Telecom managers can set up thresholds for different user groups and automatically monitor company’s cell phone policy, flag outliers, and send audit reports to the managers responsible for the appropriate cost centers. They can also monitor and ensures compliance with carrier contracts.

The Budgets and Forecasting modules allow organizations to build mobile spend scenarios and compare with actual expenses. This helps simplify the planning process at the end of the fiscal year.

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