What does Mobile “Geofencing” mean?

Mobile Geofencing is a feature that works primarily based on device location. Mobile Geofences are predefined areas in which policies, profiles, restrictions and alerts can be carried out if a user enters or exits the area.


How does Mobile Geofencing work?

IT departments may need to control user’s settings such as Email settings, Wi-Fi configuration and camera or NFC feature at a specific location. After configuring the location based controls, Geofencing will recognize that users have entered a “bubble” around that location and will automatically load those settings, restrictions and policies onto the device. When the user leaves that area, those settings and restrictions will be removed from the device.


mobile geofencing

What are the advantages of using Mobile Geofencing?

Geofencing is a great tool for organizations to utilize location based policies, profiles, restrictions and alerts. These settings, such as corporate mailboxes, can be enabled only at certain locations or “Geofences”. Admins and IT departments can setup an unlimited number of Geofences, making their policies extremely dynamic.  


What can be controlled using Mobile Geofencing?

Here are some features and capabilities that can be controlled via Geofencing:

  • Specific app restrictions (Android)
  • Passcode policy
  • iOS and OS X Restrictions
  • Global Proxy
  • Wi-Fi Payload
  • VPN Payload
  • Email Settings – POP, IMAP, and Exchange
  • LDAP
  • CalDAV
  • Subscribed Calendars
  • Web Clips
  • SCEP Settings
  • Device Kiosk

Amtel’s robust Mobile Device Management product includes geo-fencing to help organizations with their locations based policies.

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