Public Apps Management


Gain control over public apps used by employees with Amtel system, with apps management capabilities to “blacklist” and block malicious, inappropriate, or time-wasting mobile apps. Select market apps and publish them in a “whitelist” catalog of approved market apps for easy discovery and use.



Rules can be set up so that, when “blacklist” apps are detected on the device, appropriate remediation action can be taken to prevent data leakage or excessive bandwidth usage. Typical blacklisted apps may include games, cloud storage apps or social media apps, depending on the organization’s policies. Policies can be defined separately for corporate and BYOD device groups.


Mandatory enterprise apps can be pushed, and alerts and notifications triggered when app is disabled or removed by a user. Optional whitelist apps can be pushed to users for easy access to apps such as productivity tools recommended by the organization.

 mdm white list


In a BYOD environment, “geo-fencing” and “time-fencing” can be combined with “blacklist” restrictions on public apps for more flexible policies that help increase productivity and employee satisfaction. For example, game and social media applications can be blocked at the work location or time window, while the apps can be accessed freely outside of the work location boundaries and working hours.


  • Blacklist policy for unwanted public apps
  • Whitelist policy for recommended mobile apps
  • Mandatory apps compliance notification, upon disabling or removal
  • Pushing mandatory apps to devices for persistence
  • Range of selectable actions for policy compliance violations, including real-time alert to admin and user upon compliance violation, selective wipe of enterprise apps and content on the device, blocking of blacklisted app, or a full factory reset of device
  • Location based access control for apps
  • Reports to ensure tracking and compliance