Enterprise Apps Management & Apple VPP Management

Deliver mobile apps in the enterprise with Amtel’s Mobile Apps Management. Provision and configure security policies for private and enterprise approved mobile apps, manage Apple VPP licenses, remotely push and update apps, and manage app removal and code redemption.


Deploy private apps store for employees, making it easy to provision and configure internally developed apps for the organization, and remotely push and refresh apps over the air.



To maximize cost savings on mobile apps purchased from Apple’s App Store, manage Volume Purchasing Plan (VPP) licensing and redemption codes. Pool end user demand for mobile apps and centrally manage distribution.


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Protect corporate data by, restricting application access based on time and location windows, controlling resources accessed by applications, and limiting data exchange between apps. Remotely remove enterprise apps and data from a BYOD device, helping protect data upon device loss, employee departure or termination.



  • Enterprise app catalog and policies for mobile apps delivered to employees
  • Remote push and update of apps over the air, to a device or group of devices
  • Version control and remote removal of apps from devices
  • No disclosure or approval necessary for app distribution, from a third party such as Apple or Google
  • Assignment of VPP license codes to users and groups
  • Bulk import of Apple VPP tokens and redemption codes
  • Managed distribution of VPP redemption codes to users via email or push
  • Ability to revoke, redeem and reassign VPP licenses from the admin console
  • Alerts and reporting for app additions, changes, and removals on devices
  • Access control via device group and user profiles configuration
  • Secure container protects corporate content like files, videos, and documents
  • Push updates centrally to container