BYOD Security


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program provides flexibility to corporate users so they can transition seamlessly from personal context to work context and vice versa on their personal devices, resulting in increased productivity for the business and satisfied users. Amtel’s mobile security solution ensures BYOD security and policy compliance while simplifying enrollment and management.


The BYOD program requires easy self enrollment for fast setup. Amtel solution allows IT departments to initiate mass deployment using secure user enrollment options.

  • Supports all major mobile smart phones and tablets: Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, and more
  • Easily customized EULA and end-user acceptance policies
  • Self enrollment with options for quarantine mode
  • Alerts and reports for BYOD enrollment and management



The challenge in BYOD is to allow flexibility for users while retaining the ability to secure corporate information contained on personal devices. For this, user profiles with access rights and restrictions must be defined, deployed and managed.

mdm byod

  • Limit BYOD enrollment to approved devices: Detect and quarantine compromised device, Block Jailbreak (iOS) or Rooted (Android) device
  • Secure Amtel generated enrollment credentials or authentication via Active Directory or LDAP
  • Documents and media content on user devices are password protected and containerized
  • Configuration settings for enterprise access, including the use of VPN and secure HTTPS sessions
  • Selective wipe of corporate data in the event of lost device or when user leaves the company
  • Restrict device features based on device location



mdm byodSimplify mobile worker experience by automatically enabling mail and network access settings when user’s devices enter work locations. Automatically activate or deactivate device features and access to apps and data based on GPS location of mobile devices relative to geofence boundaries.

  • Automatic Wi-Fi configuration as device moves in and out of geofence boundaries
  • Dynamic app and data access rights and restrictions based on device location
  • Restriction on game and social apps in geofenced area
  • Disabling of camera and other device settings to protect sensitive data
  • Option to exclude BYOD devices from location tracking



Secure email, calendar and contact list data accessed from mobile devices. Configure policies for data leakage prevention (DLP) such as restrictions on copy/paste and email forwarding. Disable access if a device is compromised, non-compliant or the user leaves the company.

  • Two factor authentication for corporate email access
  • Allow only mobile security enabled, authorized devices to connect
  • Block unprotected, non-compliant and lost or stolen devices
  • Require Email attachments to be opened, viewed and stored only in secure container



secure mobile email Easy to deploy and use secure Email on BYOD devices with self-service and push options for settings and security policies.

  • Provide access to corporate email, calendar and contacts
  • Compatible with most external email clients
  • Allow only enrolled and authorized devices to connect
  • Block access from unprotected and lost or stolen devices
  • Supports Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad), OSX, Android, Blackberry, Windows devices and more



Out of theemail gateway box integration with Active Directory (AD), Exchange Active Sync (EAS) and Office 365.

  • Integrates with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) 2007, 2010 as well as Office 365
  • Provides mixed-mode use for customers transitioning from in-house exchange solutions to Office 365
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