The field services environment in telecommunications, electric, gas and water utilities is complex, with the need to manage work orders, dispatch technicians to jobs, and provide them adequate information on customer history, home or office equipment, plumbing and cabling. Downtime is expensive, and missing service level agreement targets can cost fees and result in lost customers.

Mobile devices are used in field services to provide service reps and technicians the information they need at customer sites to help manage contracts, warranty, and service level agreements. Technicians can be scheduled based on real-time information on skills, certifications, location, and availability. Accurate data capture in the field simplifies regulatory compliance and audit trails, and provides the visibility needed to assure quality of service, keep customers satisfied, and maintain reputation.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for mobile security, apps and expense management, enables telecommunications operators to leverage mobility to improve field visibility and accuracy, while enhancing customer experience and building loyalty. Operators are able to improve service delivery and profitability by optimizing service resources in the field.


Solution & Benefits

  • Automate controls for security policy and regulatory compliance
  • Offer better SLAs and deliver on them with instant mobile access to information
  • Track field worker and device location, and optimize scheduling, helping minimize customer wait time for service
  • Proactively identify and block compromised devices to reduce operational risks
  • Reduce risks of data loss from lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Streamline and automate telecom service procurement
  • Manage contract compliance better, yielding cost savings
  • Complete more jobs per day, with less technician travel between them

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