Companies that operate taxi, courier, or local or long-haul freight trucking services, have field employees and fleets of vehicles that need to be managed with mobile solutions for delivering on-time service with high quality.

Mobile devices are being used in the Transportation industry to monitor and manage resources with just-in-time scheduling, route optimization and better communications with the field.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for secure communications, mobile security, apps and expense management, enables field service managers to get clear visibility into field and fleet resources and activities. With the enterprise mobile apps securely deployed, businesses can streamline operations and deliver high quality service, resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Solution & Benefits

  • Provide fleet drivers with mobile access to data they need
  • Get secure calling and messaging on tablets and smartphones for field communications
  • Ability to lock fleet management enterprise app to mobile device
  • Tight control over mobile apps and browsing to minimize distractions
  • Track location of fleet and workers, display and monitor on map on central console
  • Centrally manage fleet activity with mobile enterprise apps, increasing productivity while reducing management costs
  • Automatically enforce security policies and monitor compliance
  • Identify and block compromised devices to reduce operational risks
  • Streamline and automate telecom service procurement

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