Oil & Gas

Minimizing equipment downtime, increasing worker productivity, and promptly addressing safety and regulatory compliance are key challenges in Oil and Gas field services. Field workers and expensive equipment need to be tracked as they are constantly on the move, in remote locations, often in inclement weather and environmental conditions.

Oil & Gas industry sector is adopting mobility to improve communications, increase productivity, and streamline work processes. Field employees use mobile phones and tablets for accessing corporate content and enterprise apps from remote fleet of rigs.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for secure communications, mobile security, apps and expense management, enables customers to improve operating efficiency and agility, by gaining real-time visibility into the location and status of field deployed resources. With the enterprise apps securely deployed, workers are better prepared, make smarter decisions, and become more productive.

Solution & Benefits

  • Automatically enforce security policies and reach regulatory compliance for mobile devices
  • Empower field service technicians with mobile access to data
  • Get secure calling and messaging on tablets and smartphones for field communications
  • Tight control over access to mobile devices, apps and corporate data
  • Securely roll out enterprise apps with full control
  • Track location of rigs, equipment and workers, display and monitor on map on central console
  • Centrally manage field activity using enterprise mobile apps, increasing productivity while reducing management costs
  • Streamline and automate telecom service procurement
  • Manage contract compliance better, yielding cost savings

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