Educational institutions are challenged to provide cutting edge technology to attract the best students and faculty, yet remain under tight resource and budget constraints. Campus systems house research data, intellectual property, and personal student and faculty records. IT must remain vigilant, constantly monitoring suspicious activity, and tracking the access and usage of sensitive data, that occurs often using mobile devices.

Mobile devices are used in education for online learning and research, access to web based resources and textbooks, taking notes in class, collaborating on projects, distributing content to students for class curriculum, and online tutorials. Students and staff also use mobile devices for purposes such as registering for classes, making tuition payments, entering grade reports or other transactions.

Securing mobile devices and content, taking control of mobile apps, assuring privacy of personally identifiable information, and scaling solution for fast response during enrollment, registration and other peak usage periods are key challenges in the educational environment.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for secure communications, mobile security, apps and expense management, enables educators to leverage mobility to streamline and simplify the myriad tasks of managing the educational environment, while helping keep costs under control and delivering excellent educational outcomes.


Solution & Benefits

  • Provide students, faculty and staff secure mobile access to information resources
  • Automated compliance controls to safeguard personally identifiable information
  • Get secure messaging and calling on tablets and smartphones
  • Identify and block compromised devices to manage risks in the environment
  • Reduce risks of data loss from lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Monitor centrally and respond quickly with emergency response communications
  • Drive sustainable operational improvements and expense control

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