Mobile devices are used in field services by manufacturing companies, to provide sales executives and technicians easy access to the information they need, from anywhere. When they are on the go or at customer sites, users can securely access customer information and order history, and look up details on contracts, warranty, service calls, and service level agreements. This helps service technicians to quickly verify product configurations, check entitlements, troubleshoot problems, and ensure that service level commitments to the customer are met.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for secure communications, mobile security, apps and expense management, enables manufacturers to securely deploy mobile devices in field services to improve visibility and accuracy, helping reduce service costs and enhance customer experience.

Solution & Benefits

  • Provide secure access to corporate information from mobile devices
  • Track field worker and device location, and optimize scheduling, helping minimize customer wait time for service
  • Get secure calling and messaging on tablets and smartphones
  • Automate controls for security policy and regulatory compliance
  • Proactively identify and block compromised devices to reduce operational risks
  • Reduce risks of data loss from lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Reduce travel costs and time via tracking and route optimization
  • Streamline and automate telecom service procurement
  • Manage contract compliance better, yielding cost savings

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