Brand loyalty, customer experience, acquisition and retention are critical to stay ahead of the competition in the hospitality industry. Hotel and restaurant chain operators must quickly respond to rapidly changing customer demands as well as price fluctuations in the market.

Mobile devices are used by field sales and delivery teams in the hospitality industry sector to ensure timely hotel room or restaurant seating availability for customers, while monitoring inventory, price changes, material flow, delivery status, and customer experience.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for secure communications, mobile security, apps and expense management, enables managers to confidently deploy enterprise apps on mobile devices in the field. They can achieve greater customer satisfaction and operating efficiency through increased visibility, just-in-time inventory management, and distribution logistics — while holding costs in check, and keeping customers happy.

Solution & Benefits

  • Automatically enforce security policies and compliance for mobile devices
  • Track location of mobile devices used by fleet and workers
  • Get secure calling and messaging on tablets and smartphones for field communications
  • Securely roll out enterprise apps with full control
  • Collect and analyze data from various chain locations using mobile devices
  • Centrally manage logistics activity with mobile access to enterprise apps, increasing productivity
  • Streamline and automate telecom service procurement
  • Manage telecom contract compliance better, yielding cost savings
  • Strengthen collaboration in your supply chain with secure content sharing

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