State, county, and city governments carry out the vast majority of business with citizens – including police and fire protection, road and highway maintenance, issuing licenses and permits, and managing bills for property tax, sales tax, and so on.

Government employees use mobile devices to access business email accounts, interact with one another, and do their jobs in performing department tasks. Civic staff often make trips out into the field and to other sites, and use mobile devices as they go about their day to day operations.

Amtel’s integrated cloud-based solution for secure communications, mobile security, apps and expense management, enables government organizations to leverage mobility to better engage with their communities, improve service levels to citizens, assure privacy and security, get costs under control and improve productivity.

Solution & Benefits

  • Rapidly improve the responsiveness and efficiency of your state or local agency
  • Provide field-based employees secure mobile access to information resources
  • Get secure calling and messaging on tablets and smartphones for field communications
  • Timely access to information on a “need to know” basis
  • Automated compliance controls for sensitive information
  • Monitor identity and location of field staff and resources
  • Identify and block compromised devices to reduce operational risks
  • Reduce risks of data loss from lost or stolen mobile devices
  • Manage telecom contract compliance better, yielding cost savings
  • Drive sustainable operational improvements and expense control

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